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National Heart Forum - Championing the prevention agenda
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National Heart Forum

Victoria House, 7th Floor
Southampton Row
London WC1B 4AD

Phone: 020 7831 7420
Fax: 020 3077 5964
Email: [email protected]

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The NHF strives for inclusive and accessible information for all its clients.   Our accessibility strategy therefore has a very broad reach, and considers the needs of people:  

  • with visual, hearing or motor impairments
  • with cognitive impairments
  • with reading difficulties such as dyslexia
  • whose mother tongue is not English
  • from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds
  • and of various ages.


Our aims

The NHF is committed to the following accessibility principles: designing for use with assistive technologies: ensuring that our media work well with technologies such as software that reads pages aloud, standards in commissioning, editorial, design and coding.   These standards include the Web Accessibility Initiative and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA, part three). The accessibility guidelines we follow include:    

  • allowing users to control text sizes
  • using an easy-to-read font type
  • ensuring suitable foreground and background colour contrast
  • using clear and simple language 
  • providing meaningful text equivalents for pictures
  • providing simple, consistent site navigation
  • ensuring the target of each link is clearly defined
  • providing a sitemap
  • providing navigational shortcuts for users of text-only browsers and page readers
  • using appropriate structural mark-up to maximise browser support, and 
  • ensuring all content and functionality is available to users without content style sheet (CSS), image and script support.

Content availability

We recognise that some content on the NHF website is provided in PDF format and possibly in other formats where PDF is not available.

To download a PDF reader (free of charge), please visit http://www.adobe.com/reader    


Navigation aids

1. There is site map to show the site structure.
2. All pages include a search box.

Accessibility - text size

If you prefer the text size to be larger or smaller, you can easily change this either on the top of the web page or by using your browser. 

See below:   

Internet Explorer

  • Select View in the menu bar. 
  • Select Text Size from options list. 
  • Choose the required size Small, Medium, Large or Largest.


 Mozilla Firefox 1.5, 2.0

  • Open the browser
  • Hold down the Ctrl button on keyboard and press the + (plus) key. This will enlarge text.
  • To enlarge again repeat the procedure.
  • Repeat until the text is set to the size you want.
  • To make the text smaller, press the Ctrl button on keyboard and press the - (minus) key.



  • Select View in the menu bar. 
  • Select Increase Font. 
  • To increase the type further, continue selecting Increase Font. 



Many links have title attributes which describe the link in greater detail, unless the text of the link already fully describes the target.