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NHF Publications

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TitleSourceDate added to librarySummary
What is the role of health-related food duties?National Heart Forum14 November 2012In June of this year NHF organised a meeting to discuss the role of food taxes in addressing diet-related ill health. This report describes the key themes and issues raised and makes recommendations for potentially health-promoting policy direction for UK action.
NHF response to Department of Health's JSNA & JHWS draft guidanceHannah Graff01 October 2012The National Heart Forum has responded to the Department of Health's second round consultation on the draft guidance for JSNA and JHWS.
European Commission Public Consultation Towards a post‐2015 development frameworkNational Heart Forum01 October 2012A large proportion of NCDs are preventable. Elimination, or significant reduction, of major risk factors, such as tobacco use, obesity and overweight, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, and the excessive consumption of alcohol will help to reduce people’s risk of developing NCDs. Because of the size of the epidemic, the diverse causes, and the universal impact, chronic diseases are everyone's problem. We therefore strongly recommend that they are included in the future post...
NHF response to Government's Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products consultationHannah Graff10 August 2012The National Heart Forum has submitted a response to the Government's consultation on the standardised packaging of tobacco products.
NHF response to Government/FSA's Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling consultationJane Landon06 August 2012The National Heart Forum has submitted a response to the UK Government & Food Standards Agency's consultation on front of pack nutrition labelling.
NHF response to Department of Health's development of a long term conditions strategyHannah Graff18 June 2012The National Heart Forum has submitted an online response to the Department of Health's consultation on the development of a cross-government strategy for long term conditions.
NHF written evidence to AMRC's Obesity Steering GroupHannah Graff11 June 2012The NHF has submitted written evidence to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' Obesity Steering Group. The evidence focuses on environmental and fiscal measures for the prevention of overweight and obesity.
Children and Young People's Health Outcomes Forum: NHF ResponseHannah Graff31 May 2012The NHF welcomes the opportunity to submit comments to the Children and Young People's Health Outcomes Forum (the Forum) and wishes to emphasize the significant public health impacts of population-wide prevention policies and interventions in reducing health inequities and promoting healthy lives for all children.
The power of information: Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we needNational Heart Forum21 May 2012The National Heart Forum (NHF) welcomes the aspirational information strategy for joining up information systems nationally in collecting better and accurate data about health and care and the recognition that information is at the core of health and care.
Proposed Saturated Fat Target and Indicator for the Global Monitoring Framework on Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)Modi Mwatsama19 April 2012The National Heart Forums response to the World Health Organisations consultation on proposed targets for saturated fats.