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Nov 2009: Obesity: Recent Trends in Children - Aged 2-11y and 12-19y

Author/Editor: Klim McPherson, Martin Brown, Tim Marsh and Tom Byatt
Published by: National Heart Forum
Cost: Free
Download Available: Obesity: Recent Trends in Children (SUMMARY) (317 Kb)

In this summary paper, published on 03 November, the National Heart Forum Modelling Team compare trends including the most recent data from Health Survey for England (2000- 2007) to the analysis conducted for the Foresight report.

In the longer version of this report they compare trends based, in part, on the two halves of the data set the years [1993 to 2000] and the years [2000-2007] and when the two are combined [1993-2007].

Download the long version here: Obesity Trends for Children Aged 2-11 (490 Kb)